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05 Mar 2020
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What: The fish tacos Where: Barrel District, 35939 Date Palm Drive, Cathedral City How much: $15 Contact: 760-537-7431; Why: These tacos are big and tasty. Regular readers of this space know I am a fan of properly prepared fried fish. I love it on a good sandwich; I adore it served alongside yummy fries. And, of course, I crave it in a well-assembled taco. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that my attention was piqued when the server at Barrel District praised the fish tacos during our recent lunch visit. I was torn between the fish tacos and…
18 Feb 2020
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What: The omakase Where: Taka Shin, 641 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $75 to $100; $85 as described Contact: 760-600-5806; Why: It’s the ultimate splurge/treat. When Miho Suma tells me something about Japanese food, I listen. Miho is the owner of Shabu Shabu Zen, the amazing Rancho Mirage restaurant that is, for my money, one of the top places to dine in the valley. A little more than a year ago, she emailed me and urged me to visit Taka Shin, which had just opened in the former Thai Smile space in downtown Palm Springs. “It…
13 Feb 2020
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What: The fish ’n’ chips with Pacific cod Where: O’Caine’s Irish Pub, 36101 Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage How much: $20 for 9 ounces, as pictured Contact: 760-202-3311; Why: It’s crispy, moist and tasty. There are few food things more pleasant to me than biting into a perfectly prepared piece of beer-battered fish. First, there’s the crunch, the saltiness and the subtle beer flavor from the batter. Then comes the warm, soft fish; there are so many varied tastes and textures in each and every bite. Of course, “chips”—french fries—are a perfect companion. The mouth-feel starts off similarly—with crunch…
09 Jan 2020
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What: The carne asada tacos Where: Baja Springs, 1800 N. Sunrise Way, Palm Springs How much: $1.69 separately; $8.99 combo plate (as shown) Contact: 760-322-9988 Why: They’re packed with yummy meat. Tacos … is there a more popular food in the United States today? When you have the best basketball player on the planet, LeBron James, making “Taco Tuesday” a social-media sensation—to the point where he actually tried to trademark the term, but the application was denied because the phrase is too ubiquitous—that says something. Did you know, however, that tacos were not the first Mexican food to become popular…
02 Jan 2020
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What: The Taca tacos Where: The Sandbox Kitchen, 72301 Country Club Drive, No. 110, Rancho Mirage How much: $3.50 each Contact: 760-565-6044; Why: Perfect meats. At first, there was Taca Tacos, run by a young couple named Daniel and Aimie. Taca Tacos catered various parties and events—and began earning rave reviews. “Our food quality is something that we pay close attention to, and we serve nothing but the best!” Daniel wrote on Facebook. “Even our meats are cut by hand (by me!) to reduce as much fat as possible and ensure top quality. Our salsas are made with the…
17 Dec 2019
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What: The machaca con verduras Where: Asadero Los Corrales, 425 S. Sunrise Way, Palm Springs; also locations in La Quinta and Coachella How much: $13.80 Contact: 760-992-5107 Why: It brought up delicious memories. Food can be an intimate, emotional thing. We experience food with all five of our senses, and many of life’s important moments are focused around, or at least include, meals. As a result, we’ve all had the experience of taking a bite of food and being flooded with memories—sometimes good, sometimes bad—of an event or time from our past. This happened to me during a recent breakfast…
12 Dec 2019
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What: The giant cinnamon roll Where: Rick’s Restaurant, 1973 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $5.99 Contact: 760-416-0090; Why: It’s sweet comfort. Sometimes, you just need comfort food. It had been a rough couple days for my friend. His father was recovering from emergency surgery at Desert Regional Medical Center, and my friend wanted to meet somewhere not too far from the hospital for breakfast and a nice chat. I was having a stressful workday, and I was more than happy to take a break and oblige. I knew exactly where to go: Rick’s Restaurant. It’s long…
20 Nov 2019
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What: The disco Where: Bake’d Cakes and Pan Dulce, 27800 Landau Blvd., Cathedral City How much: $1.59 Contact: 760-656-0176 Why: It’s caramelized, cinnamon-y goodness. When I perused the trays upon trays of baked goods at Bake’d Cakes and Pan Dulce, one particular pastry immediately caught my eye: It looked like a cinnamon roll had been flattened by a steamroller. The resulting disc was the size of a large plate. “What is that?” I asked the pleasant and helpful young woman. “That’s a disco,” she said—Spanish for disk. I got the disco and several other goodies to take home and sample.…
19 Nov 2019
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What: The double burger Where: The Heyday; various locations, including Palm Springs VillageFest on Thursday nights, and The Alibi Palm Springs (369 N. Palm Canyon Drive) on Friday and Saturday nights How much: $15 (including chips) plus fees via Doordash Contact: 714-328-3825; Why: It’s a juicy, perfectly prepared burger. I had my first burger from The Heyday at Palm Springs Pride. Several friends of mine had told me I must try the burgers from this pop-up burger joint after getting them at Palm Springs VillageFest, so when hunger struck, and it just so happened that the Independent’s booth was…
24 Oct 2019
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What: The New York supreme pizza Where: Palermo’s New York Pizza, 400 S. El Cielo Road, No. C, Palm Springs How much: $24.99 for the extra large (16-inch), as shown Contact: 760-416-1138; Why: The delicious, pliable, strong thin crust. As deadline approaches for the print edition of this fine newspaper, I usually order a huge pizza. It’s not the healthiest thing, but it’s convenient and time-saving: Whenever I get hungry, I can grab a slice or two out of the fridge and chow down as I work. I have my usual go-to pizza places, but this month, I decided…

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