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15 Apr 2013

Blu-Ray Review: Almost 30 Years Old, 'Repo Man' Remains Hilarious

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In the cult classic Repo Man, Emilio Estevez plays Otto, a punk kid in Los Angeles who is fired from his supermarket job and thrown into the life of repossessing cars by the absolutely strange Bud (Harry Dean Stanton). They pursue a Chevy Malibu with a big bounty on its fender—unaware of the extraterrestrial cargo in the trunk.

This is a very funny movie. (I especially love Otto’s response to his girl when asked about their relationship at film’s end.) This is the best thing Estevez has ever done, and Stanton was perfect casting. Director Alex Cox made Sid and Nancy after this one, but has not regained his form since. Still, when you have those two films on your directorial resume, that’s a pretty good career.

Special Features: On this Criterion release (hitting stores on Tuesday, April 16) is a commentary with Cox and executive producer Michael Nesmith (!); the TV version of the movie with extra scenes and censored language; deleted scenes; a weird segment with Stanton; and a new interview with Iggy Pop and members of the cast. You also get, as always, an awesome Criterion booklet.

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