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Sounds like a change in repertoire is in order. Unfortunately, the United Farm Workers union (UFW) of today exploits the suffrage. Contrary to the struggle, current representation is 1% of California’s farm workers, and most petitions are to leave the UFW, for good reason. UFW contracts pay less and offer less than those farm workers without UFW contracts. The UFW's organizers last year filed a class action lawsuit because the UFW broke labor law against their OWN employees. A judge ordered the UFW to pay almost $2 million in back pay and penalties. The UFW also has been exposed for decades of their anti LGBTQ and sexual harassment cases. The UFW also tried to suppress the votes of thousands of Latino immigrant farm workers, force them into a non-negotiated contract that would’ve actually LOWERED their pay and stripe them of their right to strike and protest. The UFW of today tries to silence farm workers, not help them. All of these and more is all online, in YouTube, in videos, and articles, I've listed a few below: