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The Lucky 13

20 Nov 2020
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The CMFs—one of the bands that I am in—is one of the hardest rock bands in the valley. I may be biased, but I felt that way as a fan of the group before I joined. The band’s hard-hitting, classic-rock-inspired songs have been stuck in my head since the first time I saw the group perform. Our debut single “Birds” is available to stream everywhere. For more info, visit My friend and bandmate Jasyn…
15 Nov 2020
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Performing musicians must be able to play with energy—and electrify a crowd. Some bands struggle with this; others make it look easy. The latter is the case for local band Ormus, as the group’s headbanging metal tunes are performed with galvanizing energy every time the members take the stage. At the helm is Martin Posada, whose screams and death howls always electrify. For more information, visit Posada is the latest to take The Lucky…
22 Oct 2020
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Stevie Jane Lee may very well be one of the desert music scene’s secret weapons. While some may know her from a few shows with Nick Hales, she recently started a new band, Grins and Lies, which only played a few shows before the shutdown. In that handful of shows, the band proved that its brand of doomy rock with powerful belting vocals from Lee is here to stay. The group is currently recording its…
19 Oct 2020
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Slipping Into Darkness is one of the longest-running bands in the Coachella Valley—and while some members have come and gone, that signature sound remains the same. The band recently acquired guitarist Emanuel Cazares and used him to complete the follow-up to 2014’s Shurpadelic. For more information, visit Cazares is the latest to take The Lucky 13; here are his answers. What was the first concert you attended? The first actual concert I attended was…
22 Sep 2020
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Some of the valley’s most prominent rock and R&B groups sound a whole lot sweeter thanks to David Morales. His guitar-work skill level is matched only by his work ethic, as you couldn’t go far without seeing Morales on a bill (pre-pandemic, of course). He is the latest to take the Lucky 13; and here are his answers. What was the first concert you attended? I believe it was Pedro the Lion at the El…
17 Sep 2020
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Local-music aficionados may know Luke Sonderman from his days in Minor Emergency and other bands formed by the Academy of Musical Performance. However, this young drummer and his brother, Jake, recently started a new venture—a recording studio. Sondy Studios offers different plans for recording and producing both bands and individual singer/songwriters. Visit for more info. Luke Sonderman is the latest to take the Lucky 13; here are his answers. What was the first concert…
20 Aug 2020
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Our music scene is rather tight knit in part because so many bands share members; it can feel like a big family when you catch a show featuring a few people pulling double duty. Nick Willman is a young drummer who actually pulls triple duty, as his chops are spread among Silver Sky, Pescaterritory, and Instigator. He is the latest to take the Lucky 13; here are his answers. What was the first concert you…
17 Aug 2020
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Many patrons of the Guitar Center in Palm Desert have been helped by a tall dude with a blonde ponytail. As soon as that dude clocks out, he’ll be rocking with his band, Cody White and the Easy Ride. The group’s music is available on SoundCloud, and it offers a nice blend of twangy rock along with White’s Neil Young-esque vocal delivery. He is the latest to take the Lucky 13; here are his answers.…

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