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The Lucky 13

22 Jan 2016
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Rogue Ogre formed in 2015 and has played a handful of shows at the Palm Canyon Roadhouse in Palm Springs. In 2016, Rogue Ogre plans on having more of a presence in the Coachella Valley. For more information on Rogue Ogre, visit Xan Abyss (vocals, bass, synth), Don Browne (guitar, bass, vocals) and Pat Toft (drums) took the Lucky 13 as a group; here are their answers. What was the first concert you attended?…
18 Jan 2016
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If you’re a fan of local music, chances are you’ve met Frank Skalsky. He’s a regular at shows by groups including Remnants of Man, Bridger, Sean and Zander, and Sweat Act. We recently asked Skalsky to endure the Lucky 13; here’s what he had to say. What was the first concert you attended? The Cult with Dangerous Toys and Bonham on the Sonic Temple Tour, New Years Eve 1989, Long Beach Sports Arena. What was…
18 Dec 2015
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Sunday Funeral has been rocking in the Coachella Valley for many years now. Co-fronting the band with lead guitarist/vocalist Justin Ledesma is rhythm guitarist/vocalist Brian Frang. Sunday Funeral recently added drummer Grant Gruenberg to the mix. Sunday Funeral was recently part of two battle-of-the-bands contests that took place at The Hood Bar and Pizza. For more information, visit Brian Frang and Grant Gruenberg were kind enough to answer the Lucky 13; here are their…
14 Dec 2015
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Meet Alfa Cologne, a local musician who says he “writes loves songs to promote his perfume line.” To quote his Facebook bio: “Alfa Cologne records songs using his girlfriend's iPhone, an acoustic guitar and whatever he finds to make music (brooms, leaves, dogs barking, laugh tracks) in Southern California, where he picked up surfing on couches.” Alfa Cologne has performed at venues including the Coachella Valley Art Scene and Whole Foods. For more information, visit…
23 Nov 2015
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Paulina Angel is an LGBT-equality activist who lives in Indio. She’s also a singer-songwriter who has been performing since the age of 5. However, she took a lengthy break from live performance—but returned to the stage for the first time in many years at Chill Bar for the George and Chris Zander Benefit Concert, organized by the Independent, on Nov. 17. For more information, check out What was the first concert you attended? Cover…
19 Nov 2015
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The members of Indio’s Drop Mob are proud to call themselves a “nu-metal band.” Influenced by groups such as Rage Against the Machine, the Beastie Boys and Limp Bizkit, Drop Mob has a fantastic metal sound—with a hip-hop edge. Get more information at Drop Mob’s MC, Gabe Perez, recently endured The Lucky 13. What was the first concert you attended? My first rap concert was MC Hammer, LOL! My first rock concert was Godsmack…
29 Oct 2015
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Stephen “Fish” Ellsworth is one of the more famous bartenders at The Hood Bar and Pizza, known for his exceptional bartending knowledge, his fast service—and his shenanigans while behind the bar. Fish is newly engaged, and he recently shared the news that his fiancée will be having a baby, so be sure to tip him well. He was kind enough to answer the Lucky 13, and here are his (rather brief) answers. What was the…
26 Oct 2015
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Venus and the Traps have been around for just about a year, but this surf-rock band from the East Valley is quickly gaining notoriety. The group has played gigs at The Hood Bar and Pizza, Bart Lounge, the Coachella Valley Art Scene and other venues. For more information, visit Frontwoman Venus (Perla Martinez) was kind enough to answer the Lucky 13; here are her answers. What was the first concert you attended? George Thorogood,…