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The Lucky 13

30 Jan 2017
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Will Sturgeon returned to the desert a couple of years ago and kicked his band Brightener into full gear—and ever since, it’s been one of the valley’s most talked-about bands. Brightener won last year’s Tachevah Music Showcase and was the local band to play at Coachella 2016’s first weekend. Catch them in action this Friday, Feb. 3, at the Coachella Valley Art Scene's 19th Hole Block Party in Old Town La Quinta. For more information…
11 Jan 2017
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In 2015, The Flusters were voted the Best Local Band by Coachella Valley Independent readers. In 2016, the band played higher-profile gigs—including Coachella—and released a well-received EP. What will 2017 bring? Stay tuned to find out—and visit for more information. Catch the band on Saturday, Jan. 28, at the Saguaro as part of “Moonlit Mojave.” Flusters bassist Mario Estrada expressed interest in taking the Lucky 13, and here are his answers. What was the…
27 Dec 2016
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Dali’s Llama put out one of the best local albums of 2016: Dying in the Sun was true to the desert-rock/stoner-rock scene. Playing lead guitar for Dali’s Llama is Joe Wangler; he’s an attorney by day, and has a side project known as Bavaria. For more information on Dali’s Llama, visit Wangler was kind enough to answer The Lucky 13. What was the first concert you attended? My first real legit show was No…
20 Dec 2016
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Se7en4 has been in the local scene for many years. Frontman Nico Flores—the brother of Blasting Echo drummer Armando Flores—has a versatile voice that can handle songs from melodic to loud and aggressive. For more information on Se7ven4, visit the band Facebook page at Flores was kind enough to answer The Lucky 13; here are his answers. What was the first concert you attended? My big brother Armando took me to see Primus open…
21 Nov 2016
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Facelift is quite possibly the most brutal band in the Coachella Valley. Its hardcore punk sound has made Facelift a house-party favorite—and landed the band opening slots for The Adicts during both of the band’s recent shows at The Hood Bar and Pizza. Facelift's guitarist, Quanah Lienau, is the son of local desert-rock icon Herb Lienau (Dead Issue, Decon, Half Astro, Herbert). Decon recently reunited for a performance at The Hood—and Quanah stole the show…
08 Nov 2016
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Fatso Jetson is one of the most prominent bands in the Coachella Valley music scene. Fronted by Mario Lalli, one of the pillars of the local music world, Fatso Jetson has just released a new album, Idle Hands, and is playing a show at Pappy and Harriet’s on Friday, Nov. 11, along with Mondo Generator, The Freeks and the Flying Eyes; tickets are $10. For more information on Fatso Jetson, visit Larry Lalli, the…
28 Oct 2016
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Foxy Cleopatra is an oddity in the local music scene—in a very good way. The band’s sound is indescribable, but one can hear the influence of rock, funk and R&B—especially when it comes to the frontman and guitarist, Lance Riebsomer. Riebsomer recently released an album under the name of his new music project, Black Water Gospel, and has also played some solo shows; he’s been doing some stuff with Jack Kohler of War Drum, too.…
25 Oct 2016
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If you have not seen local band Drop Mob before, you’re really missing out. The group’s metal and hip-hop sound is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Simply put, they kick ass, thanks to a talented M.C., Gabe Perez; amazing guitar-playing from guitarists Dave Burk and Curtis Hendrix; drums by John Camacho; and bassist Steve Zepeda, who serves as the band’s driving force. Catch the band in action on Sunday, Nov. 6, at The Hood Bar…