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Infusion of money to the probation department? AB109 puts nonviolent offenders with any number of years in local county jails and they mix it up with the shorter term inmates or those fighting their cases and this is gonna cost the county millions of dollars in future lawsuits I can guarantee it 100%. Prisons have developed into a place that is expectant and suited for long term inmate population and the health of long term stays in the county jails (especially if you are placed in the protective custody housing because your have alternative lifestyle for example ) are dangerous ..County jails are loud fast and hard. Prisons are bigger , quiet , permanent and softer ..Bedding is better. Food is better . Program are available and alt lifestyle inmates aren't housed with protective custody inmates and can work and participate in general population housing. Commissary is more bulk . Its cheaper (for example years ago a noodle soup in county was 90 cents compared to 10 cents in state.)
Inmates can be sentenced to 20 years all in County where they will do more tine because they do not receive the 1/3 time given in State and they cant participate in programs that cut even more time off their term. And of all is because they dont have violence or a charge that involves a public burglary or any sex crimes or strikes. Some kind of a reward right ? The worst problem is the level of health care for Ab109 inmates in County jail facilities. They are not equipped for long term inmates and this all presents a dangerous and deadly environment for certain inmates. It is very sad to be assigned to a protective custody housing where you will spend 10 years with mostly unsentenced sexual predators , high profile inmates , child , and other custody issues inmates. But the money is about to be gone .. The harm these inmates (some who have made medical situations known to no avail) have been forced to endure , the poor planning and lack of consideration before assigning inmates with many years to County jails, and the existing medical deficiencies already identified within the County and described in detail by Dr. Scott Allen in a joint expert report make any litigation against the County indefensible . Its simply a matter of when. My money says there will be at least one by next year with more to follow. Common sense , you dont do something as drastic as sentence inmates with years to do , to County jail. The tradition for inmates resigned to going to prison is the " I cant wait to get to prison" or " catch the chain". Many defendants attempt to have the judge sentence them "forthwith " at sentencing so they can get to prison faster , hit reception and get their 1/3 time running asap. They want to leave the chaos of constant movement in housing , court transfer, of county and get to a place where the environment is different. It doesn't need to be described it just needs to be remembered it has taken 200 years to shape and form what works and in one vote they changed where a inmate will spend the next 10 years of their lives and made no provisions or changes for this population.. As with anything dealing with inmates , you can better understand if you are or have a loved one suffering the situation or especially lost a loved one in the custody of County Jail (Sheriffs).