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The “Our Father” prayer states in part: forgive us our trespasses as we forgive these who trespass against us “ We are already living in God’s Kingdom, We as God’s people need to learn to forgive others. At what point after incarceration is an inmate considered Rehabilitated? Or is there such an accomplishment? Or Do we live with the law an of an eye for an eye? can we do better as civilized people of God? Has any one tried freeing a murderer back into society after Rehabilitation?And if so what happened? Perhaps these very same people need to be the ones to teach others NOT to do as they did! They have lived the experience and know the difference. Why is all the Reform geared only to help the non violent? What if others simply made a violent mistake? Haven’t we all made mistakes during the course of our lives at one point or another? What about Selective Prosecution by Prosecutors? Which they use to aggravate the charges for the accused as in my own Sons case? They utilize discretion, but being used for the wrong reasons therefore , helping to fill up the Prisons. Laying cheating goes rampant. Judges biased sentences etc..On my opinion, I think it all starts at the source, the source is Prosecutors being biased along with Judges. They need to be held accountable. For their actions.