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03 Dec 2020
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On this week's vaccine-ready weekly Independent comics page: This Modern World talks about the ongoing coup attempt; Jen Sorensen wonders the death wish of some churches; (Th)ink pays tribute to the stock market's record highs; Apoca Clips watches as Li'l Trumpy ponders pardons; and in Red Meat, Earl goes on an aerial adventure.

26 Nov 2020
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Happy Thanksgiving! On this week's thankful weekly Independent comics page: (Th)ink checks in on a Washington, D.C., moving sale; This Modern World turns Life in the Stupidverse up to 11; Jen Sorensen shakes her head at disenfranchisement efforts; Apoca Clips brings us Rudy's latest bit of evidence; and Red Meat offers up funds for a school party.

19 Nov 2020
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On this week's board-certified weekly Independent comics page: Jen Sorensen ponders the ongoing attempted coup; The K Chronicles listens in on a conversation as the devil encourages Trump to look at the bright side; This Modern World checks in to see how things are going on Parallel Earth; Red Meat's cowboys take action to make the teasing stop; and Apoca Clips features Li'l Trumpy teaching his son a lesson.

12 Nov 2020
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On this week's provisionally cast weekly Independent comics page: (Th)ink says the election results are finally in; This Modern World looks at Life in the Stupidverse, post-election; Jen Sorensen ponders reaching across the figurative aisle; Apoca Clips watches as Li'l Trumpy gets interrupted on the golf course; and Red Meat makes a dangerous mistake.

05 Nov 2020
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On this week's drawn-before-the-election weekly Independent comics page: The K Chronicles pines for pre-COVID days; This Modern World offers up a do-it-yourself strip; Jen Sorensen remembers her family's ancestors; Red Meat enjoys a driving lesson; and Apoca Clips hears Li'l Trumpy's predictions.

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