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26 Sep 2013
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On this week's particularly urban Independent comics page: The City deals with street umpires; Red Meat has creamed-corn-based interactions with hobos; The K Chronicles examines German superiority; and Jen Sorenson celebrates the fifth anniversary of the financial crisis with some exciting games.

19 Sep 2013
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On this week's extra-visual Independent comics page: Red Meat deals with male cameltoe; The City "celebrates" the deadline for charges to be filed regarding the financial collapse; Jen Sorenson examines sexism in the tech industry; and The K Chronicles bemoans self-censorship.

12 Sep 2013
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On this week's Independent comics page, Jen Sorenson compares Syria 2013 with Iraq 2003; The K Chronicles explains why white dudes can't use the n-word; Red Meat takes drastic measures to appease an angry girlfriend; and The City has a modest proposal for dealing with Damascus.

05 Sep 2013
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On this week's extra-potent Independent comics page: The K Chronicles celebrates the start of football season; Jen Sorenson examines what Miley Cyrus has done to devolve the teddy bear; The City listens to a not-so-touching expression of love; and Red Meat prepares to burst lasers out of nipples.

29 Aug 2013
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This week on an explosive Independent comics page: Red Meat throws dynamite off a ferry; The City reminds us what's important regarding Chelsea Manning's conviction; The K Chronicles has wishes for a child's first day at school; and Jen Sorenson examines Obama's true record on energy.