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22 Aug 2013
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On this week's dangerous Independent comics page: The City runs out of lethal-injection drugs; Red Meat bathes a badger; Jen Sorenson ponders entrepreneurial "disruptors"; and The K Chronicles heads to the skate park.

15 Aug 2013
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On this week's provocative Independent comics page: The K Chronicles ponders the infamous "Asian Girlz" video; Jen Sorenson tackles the "Obamacare" silence battle; Red Meat fears those who are obsessed with blood; and The City raises the terror-alert level.

08 Aug 2013
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On this week's analytical Independent comics page: Jen Sorenson compares two candidates to chair the Fed; The K Chronicles disagrees with Beyonce's Pepsi deal; The City works from a bus shelter; and Red Meat takes an inexpensive swim.

01 Aug 2013
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This week on a cleansing Independent comics page: Red Meat struggles over a new nighttime ritual; The City sends calls straight to voice mail; Jen Sorenson ponders the right to bear bags; and The K Chronicles examines the case of Florida's Marissa Alexander.

25 Jul 2013
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On this week's historic yet fragrant Independent comics page: The City tackles news items including Dick Cheney's daughter and the return of the Twinkie; Red Meat stews in its own juices; The K Chronicles urges you to go see a documentary, A Band Called Death; and Jen Sorenson puts ignorant tweets in historical context.