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09 May 2013
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On this week's Independent comics bonanza: Jen Sorenson tries to get some clean air; Roland and Cid do some inappropriate selling; The City puts its feet up; and Red Meat has an explosive time at the dairy.

02 May 2013
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This week on the Independent comics page: Roland and Cid discuss the scourge of assclowns in D.C.; The City attends a congressional hearing on the unemployment crisis; Red Meat takes a job at the zoo; and Jen Sorenson guest stars Rick Perry speaking out about fertilizer and regulation.

25 Apr 2013
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On this week's size-does-matter Independent comics page: The City, in a normal strip and a bonus strip, examines pressure-cooker background checks and Rush Limbaugh's thoughts on the Boston tragedy; Red Meat gets out the butter to keep the monsters away; Roland and Cid stock up on pot roasts before it's too late; and Jen Sorenson ponders buying an elected official.

18 Apr 2013
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On this week's exciting Independent comics page: Red Meat clinches along with some bun-tightener videos; The City tackles the springtime phenomenon of Woo Girls; Roland and Cid wonder whether Anne Frank would have indeed been a Belieber; and Jen Sorenson examines gentrification.

11 Apr 2013
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On this week's comics page, Jen Sorenson tackles Social Security changes; Red Meat does some grooming "south of the border"; The City takes a call at the reference desk; and Roland and Cid ponder the heavenly reunion of Siskel and Ebert.