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04 Apr 2013
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On this week's Indy comics page: Red Meat is finally able to get some sleep; The City tries to pick up a woman in an inappropriate fashion; Roland and Cid ponder North Korea and the Mayans; and Jen Sorenson takes on gay marriage and Antonin Scalia.

28 Mar 2013
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On this week's Independent comics page: Roland and Cid discuss whether the increasing acceptance of gay marriage will lead to an apocalypse for closeted conservatives; Red Meat honors the sausage ostrich; The City marks the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war; and Jen Sorenson tackles restrictive abortion law.

21 Mar 2013
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On this week's Independent comics page: The City tackles a ban on bare breasts; Roland and Cid tweet from the grave; speaking of graves, Red Meat can't find a body; and Jen Sorenson compares sugary sodas to marijuana.

14 Mar 2013
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This week on the Independent comics page: Jen Sorenson spies on the goings-on at SXSW; Roland and Cid try to spice up the Bible with a little Trump; the men of Red Meat thank their Lucky Charms; and The City takes an airline flight with a small knife and a hockey stick.

07 Mar 2013
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On this week's Independent comics page, Roland and Cid ponder President Obama's Star Wars/Star Trek mashup gaffe; Red Meat gives some religious fundamentalists a thump in the face; The City gets an odd reaction to a chivalrous action; and Jen Sorenson previews SXSW by pondering what could become the next Twitter.