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25 Nov 2020
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As we approach the end of 2020, I am feeling a mixture of emotions. There’s fear and anxiety, with some hope sprinkled in—along with a whole lot of gratitude. On a personal level, this year got off on the wrong foot back in January, when the hubby suffered a serious knee injury as he slipped on a wet San Francisco sidewalk after buying groceries. A couple weeks later—the day after his knee surgery—I fell at our Palm Springs Craft Cocktail Week Championship and dislocated my right elbow. We were both in physical therapy when the pandemic arrived and shut everything down. I’ll never forget the feeling—a sickening fear small-business owners all around the world were experiencing—as I watched our April print edition turn from a packed 40-page special Music Issue into a money-losing 24-page paper … with a bedraggled roll of toilet paper on the cover. (Hey, it’s important to…
29 Oct 2020
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Palm Springs Pride has played an important role in the Independent’s history. The 18th story published at, eight years ago now, was a brief photo piece about the 2012 festival—published when the website was still in beta, and we were more concerned about having content to build the site around than people actually seeing what we produced. The 2013 festival was the first major event at which the Independent had a presence. We gave out logo reusable grocery bags—along with copies of our first Pride Issue, which was our fourth print edition overall. In the years since, the Independent has had a booth at every Palm Springs Pride festival, as the celebration moved from Palm Springs Stadium, to the streets of downtown Palm Springs, to that odd area sort of in front of the Palm Springs Art Museum, back to the streets of downtown Palm Springs. We’ve given out…
24 Sep 2020
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Covering elections in the Coachella Valley is not easy. Why, you may ask, is it such a challenge? Because there are so many darned layers of government here. There are water boards and school districts and water districts and other districts and etc. … plus there are nine city councils—and all nine of them are having elections this year. So … how does a smaller newspaper like the Independent cover all of this? Regrettably, we can’t cover all of it—but we will cover as much as we can. Two of us here cover politics regularly: Myself and Kevin Fitzgerald, our staff writer. However, my plate is quite full with other things, which means most of the coverage falls on Kevin’s plate. In 2020, we’ve decided to focus on the city council races, and we’re going to get to as many of them as we can with our Candidate Q&A series.…
28 Aug 2020
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We here at Independent World Headquarters debated postponing our annual Best of Coachella Valley readers’ poll this year. Why? For one thing, the city magazine and the daily already do readers’ polls—and the timing of the daily’s poll usually overlaps with the timing of ours, which confuses the heck out of everyone. For another thing … as you may have noticed, we’re in the middle of a raging pandemic, which has curtailed or shuttered many of the businesses and organizations that are featured in our poll. However, upon further reflection, we decided not to postpone our poll—and voting is taking place now. First-round (nomination) voting will be open through Monday, Sept. 14. Go here to access the ballot, where you will fill in the blank in each category. (In other words, we have no pre-determined list of candidates.) Why did we decide to press forward? Well, for one thing—and I…
29 Jul 2020
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As July comes to an end to make way for August … I am tired. I am tired of this damned pandemic. Of not being able to hug my friends. Of seeing so many people struggle. Of not being able to play softball with my teammates. Of watching my business limp along financially. Of not being able to travel to see family. Of not being able to enjoy the world I took for granted back in February. Yeah. I’m really tired. I say this not to complain—because I know I am one of the blessed ones. I live in a place where I am comfortable and safe. Because I have an amazing husband whose work has (knock on wood) been stable, the bills are paid, and I have food in the refrigerator. No, I say this because I know a lot of you out there can relate. And you know…
30 Jun 2020
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As we move deeper into the toasty Coachella Valley summer during this ongoing pandemic, I ask all of you: Please, be careful, and take precautions. On one hand, June was an exciting month: In many ways, our valley came back to life. Stores, restaurants and bars reopened. Traffic returned to the streets. Tourists are here again—in significant numbers. On the other hand … June was terrifying. Riverside County and the Coachella Valley are both experiencing all-time highs in COVID-19 hospitalizations. Bars closed back up. The governor, thank goodness, has stepped in and instituted a statewide face-coverings order, because of increasing case numbers—and to give cover to beleaguered local health officials who were becoming the targets of insane anti-face-mask ire. SARS-CoV-2 is very much still a danger. It continues to spread here in the Coachella Valley. It’s going to claim the lives of yet more of our neighbors. Meanwhile, the now-backtracking…

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