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18 Feb 2013
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This story is all about stories, and how, in my view, too many of them can block the view. The impending demolition of the Desert Fashion Plaza in downtown Palm Springs has raised concerns that a new six-story hotel will impede the view of our local mountains. But just how important is it to have a view? After all, Sarah Palin says she can see Russia from her house, but she still thinks Africa is a country. Barbara Walters reminds us to take some time to enjoy the view, but asks us: If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? What is it about our magnificent mountains that makes them so visually appealing? I've come up with some ideas that would allow sky-high structures to exist while still retaining the all-important view. Idea No. 1: All buildings above six stories must be made entirely of glass.…
31 Jan 2013
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If you've ever been confused about which channel you're watching here in the Coachella Valley, you're not alone: It's been a year since the merger between the former KPSP Channel 2 and KESQ Channel 3, which left some people scratching their heads. CBS affiliate KPSP, otherwise known as "Local 2," was the only locally owned station in the valley. Philanthropist Jackie Lee Houston and her husband, Jim, started the station several years ago and used it to raise awareness of community-based efforts. When Jackie Lee passed away, Jim decided to sell the station to the company which owns ABC affiliate KESQ, otherwise known as "News Channel 3." Channel 2 immediately moved operations into Channel 3's building, and now both stations broadcast their news from the same studio in Palm Desert. They also now use the same call letters. If you think that is confusing, it doesn't end there. News Channel…
14 Jan 2013
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"Give it another chance, Lance!" Sheryl said. "The Tour de Palm Springs is coming up. You can be a star again!" Though they were no longer romantically linked, Sheryl Crow was Lance Armstrong's biggest fan. "I'm out of shape," Lance explained. "I've been lying on the couch looking at my jerseys on the wall." "You need to stop moping around all day," Sheryl told him. "I'm not moping! I'm doping!" Lance insisted. "As soon as I'm done, I'm going to the bicycle shop to check out the new models." About an hour later, Lance entered the shop and looked around. "May I help you?" the manager said. "I need a bike with strong spokes," Lance told him. "You'll have to speak to our spokes person," the manager explained. "Let me get him for you." A moment later, the manager returned with a soft-spoken man. "I can have your bicycle delivered…

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