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14 Jun 2019
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What: The French dip with tots Where: Revel Public House, 140 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $15.50 at lunch Contact: 760-325-9464; Why: It’s a perfectly put-together sandwich. The French dip sandwich, despite the name, is not at all French—it was actually born right here in Southern California, a little more than a century ago, at a downtown Los Angeles restaurant. The exact place of birth is a matter of debate; both Cole’s Pacific Electric Buffet and Philippe’s claim the invention. While I have no idea which of those two restaurants deserves the credit, I do know…
22 May 2019
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What: The al pastor taco Where: Taqueria Tortilla Factory, 35270 Date Palm Drive, Cathedral City How much: $2.99 Contact: 760-324-6505; Why: It outshined the main course. Sometimes, the supporting player outshines the star. Such was the case during a recent lunch I enjoyed at Taqueria Tortilla Factory, located in a busy little strip mall in Cathedral City. I was trying to get over that terrible cold that’s been going around, and I was craving soup—specifically, that fabled cold remedy known as menudo. I understand that menudo isn’t for everyone—the main ingredient is tripe, aka cow’s stomach—but when it’s done…
08 May 2019
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What: The almond croissant Where: The French Corner Café, 72423 Highway 111, Palm Desert How much: $5.50 Contact: 760-568-5362; Why: It’s pure decadence. In an area of Palm Desert that has seemingly become overrun by chains, the locally owned French Corner Café continues to stand out. Since 2007, brothers Marc and Aimeric Davy have been serving delicious French fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner (they take weekday dinners off during the summer)—crepes, quiches, omelets, sandwiches, salads and some intriguing entrées (including rack of lamb on the weekends). But as well-known as French Corner is for its savory food ……
17 Apr 2019
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What: The Southwest Benedict Where: Louise’s Pantry, 73155 Highway 111, Palm Desert; also at 47150 Washington St., La Quinta How much: $14.99 Contact: 760-837-3900 (Palm Desert); 760-771-3330 (La Quinta); Why: If you like chorizo, you’ll love this dish. I love a good breakfast … but let’s face it: Many restaurants don’t exactly offer a lot of exciting or unusual options for the so-called most important meal of the day. Fortunately, Louise’s Pantry—with locations in both Palm Desert and La Quinta—does a better job at this than most. Yeah, you’ll find the bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles, French toast and omelets…
11 Apr 2019
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What: The meatloaf (Mondays only) Where: Paul Bar/Food, 3700 E. Vista Chino, Palm Springs How much: $17 Contact: 760-656-4082; Why: It’s great meatloaf, pure and simple. When Paul Bar/Food opened a year ago, it became popular seemingly overnight due to the tasty eats, the amazing service (helmed by the bow tie-rocking Paul O’Halloran, a former Mister Lyons bartender who is adored in the Palm Springs service industry), the swanky East Coast vibe, the now-famous frozen sidecar, and the stunningly gorgeous wooden bar area—all found in a small shopping center, located at the northeast corner of Vista Chino and Gene…
14 Mar 2019
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What: The famous truffle tots Where: Heirloom Craft Kitchen, 49990 Jefferson St., No. 100, Indio How much: $6; $4 when added to an entrée Contact: 760-773-2233; Why: The crispiness, the seasoning and the sauces. Andie Hubka is one of the valley’s most talented restaurateurs. More than six years ago, she opened the fun and stylish dinner restaurant Cork and Fork in La Quinta; then early last year, she opened Heirloom Craft Kitchen, a fast-casual joint serving brunch, lunch and dinner in Indio. As justifiably acclaimed as Cork and Fork is, Hubka really outdid herself with Heirloom: It’s more accessible…
08 Mar 2019
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What: The Reuben Where: Wexler’s Deli at Arrive Palm Springs, 1551 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $17 Contact: 760-507-1640; Why: It’s a top-notch sandwich. When it was announced that Wexler’s—a Jewish-style deli with three popular Los Angeles-area locations—would be taking over the main restaurant space at the Arrive Hotel, I was excited. After all, there’s a serious demand here for the type of food served at Wexler’s “Have you ever tried to get a table at Sherman’s in Palm Springs at noon on a Saturday during season?” I wrote. Since the fall 2018 opening, however, I…
14 Feb 2019
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What: The French onion soup Where: Bongo Johnny’s Patio Bar and Grill, 301 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 200, Palm Springs How much: $3.95 for a cup; $6.95 for a bowl Contact: 760-318-3960; Why: It’s delicious, pure and simple. Before I begin extolling the deliciousness of the French onion soup at Bongo Johnny’s, I should explain that this restaurant holds a special place in my heart. You see, Bongo Johnny’s supports many of the same causes I do—the Desert AIDS Project, for example, via Dining Out for Life. It’s also an active member of the Desert Business Association (of…
06 Feb 2019
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What: The mac and cheese egg rolls Where: Bubba’s Bones and Brews, 68525 Ramon Road, No. A101, Cathedral City How much: $7.95 Contact: 760-699-7231; Why: It’s decadent and delicious. You know that feeling when you see something on a restaurant menu, and you think, “Holy hell, that sounds amazing, and I MUST have it!”? Well, that’s how I felt when I saw the words “Mac and Cheese Egg Roll” on the menu at Bubba’s, the barbecue place—in a Cathedral City strip mall—that’s been winning over fans due to its delicious meats and impressive beer selection. It was my first…
09 Jan 2019
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What: The chicken chiles Agave Where: Fresh Agave Mexican Bar and Grill, 73325 Highway 111, Palm Desert How much: $12.50 Contact: 760-836-9028; Why: The sauce ties it all together. It wasn’t supposed to be my entrée. I was having my monthly meeting with Independent contributor Kevin Fitzgerald, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted for lunch. I hadn’t been to Fresh Agave before, and I wanted to give the place a try, given how well it does in our Best of Coachella Valley readers’ poll every year. I intended to get a couple of items to try; because of…

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