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13 Sep 2018
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What: The morning BLT Where: Grand Central Palm Springs, 160 La Plaza, Palm Springs How much: $16 Contact: 760-699-7185; Why: It’s a sophisticated, tasty take on a classic. Here’s the story of Grand Central Palm Springs’ opening, as told through our Restaurant News Bites column: April 26, 2016: “Downtown Palm Springs’ La Plaza will soon be the home of Grand Central Palm Springs.” Nov. 28, 2017: “In early August 2016, Grand Central hosted a job fair; the restaurant’s Facebook page reported that 200 people had applied for jobs in person, with another 90 applications coming in online. … And…
05 Sep 2018
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What: The wild mushroom soup Where: Acqua California Bistro, 71800 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage; also at Lulu California Bistro, 200 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $5.99-$8.99 depending on menu; also available on special menus Contact: 760-862-9800; (Acqua); 760-327-5858; (Lulu) Why: It’s consistently delicious. Whenever I go to Acqua California Bistro (or Lulu California Bistro, for that matter), I have a problem: Even though the menu is rather expansive and varied, I almost always feel the need to order the same thing—the wild mushroom soup. Why, you may ask, do I feel the need to always…
09 Aug 2018
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What: The three-scoop bowl Where: Haus of Poké, 111 N. Palm Canyon Drive, No. 160, Palm Springs; also at 42500 Bob Hope Drive, No. 3, Rancho Mirage How much: $11.49 Contact: 760-537-1173 (Palm Springs); 760-636-1892 (Rancho Mirage); Why: It’s make-your-own bliss—if you do so carefully. Sometimes, when we’re given too many options in life, we make mistakes. Such was the case for me on a recent lunch visit to the new downtown Palm Springs House of Poké. I knew I wanted a nice, healthyish bowl of fish yumminess; however, I didn’t think much about the specific form that yumminess…
02 Aug 2018
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What: The Italian ice Where: Vinny’s Italian Ice and Frozen Custard, 190 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $7 as shown Contact: 760-904-4625; Why: It’s a tasty, cooling treat. By this time of year, even the heartiest desert-dwellers are simply done with the oppressive heat. We all have our tricks for dealing with the 110-degree-plus temps, ranging from 24-hour pool access to constant near-nudity to diets consisting of nothing but cold alcoholic beverages. Well, my friends, I recently discovered another helpful tool in the battle with the summer sizzle: the Italian ice at Vinny’s, in downtown Palm…
12 Jul 2018
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What: The roasted suckling pig Where: Alebrije Bistro Mexico, 1107 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $28 Contact: 760-537-1279; Why: It’s a surprisingly refined dish. Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week brought both disappointments and delicious finds at the handful of participants I was able to visit—but my most delicious find of all was Alebrije Bistro Mexico. It was so delicious that Alebrije was the only place I visited twice during Restaurant Week. Alebrije went above and beyond by offering four courses—not just the requisite three—for $39, and the food showed a level of sophistication rarely found here…
05 Jul 2018
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What: The lamb and beef gyro plate Where: Super Shawarma Mediterranean Grill, 69185 Ramon Road, No. 3, Cathedral City How much: $11.99 Contact: 760-321-1100; Why: The oh-so-pleasing melding of textures and temperatures. Once upon a time, I had a go-to gyro place. Whenever I had a hankering for good gyro, I’d head over there for some delicious food. Alas, this would not last forever. The gyro place is still there; however, I decided I could no longer give the place my business after the owner angrily threw out one of the Independent’s distribution drivers for no reason—after he’d personally…
14 Jun 2018
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What: The tostada especial Where: Mariscoco’s Culiacan, 51683 Harrison (Cesar Chavez) St., Coachella How much: $11.99 Contact: 760-398-5666; Why: The freshness and the impeccable flavor. A while back, a friend told me about the most amazing Mexican seafood place in Coachella. I remembered part of the distinctive name—Mariscoco’s—so when I recently found myself in Coachella during lunch time, I looked the place up. Boy, am I glad I did: The lunch was one of the tastiest meals I have had in months. Seafood, obviously, is the focus at Mariscoco’s, and the restaurant is renowned for its seafood towers. However,…
05 Jun 2018
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What: The huevos rancheros Where: Tacos Gonzalez, 80120 Highway 111, Indio How much: $9.99 Contact: 760-347-6858 Why: It’s delicious, meticulous simplicity. It shouldn’t be difficult to make great yet simple food … but it most definitely is. For example, consider the amazing huevos rancheros at Tacos Gonzalez, a popular hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint in Indio. There is nothing fancy or complicated about the dish: It consists of eggs, and tortillas, and sauce, and salsa, with beans, rice, lettuce and guacamole surrounding it. Simple ingredients all, correct? Well, this leads to a question: If all of this is so simple, why don’t…
17 May 2018
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What: Ice cream (specifically, the cookies and kreem) Where: Kreem, 170 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $6 for two scoops, as shown Contact: 760-699-8129; Why: It’s revelatory … but your favorite flavor may not always be available. There’s something to be said for mass-produced products. Take, for example, a Snickers bar. If I want a Snickers bar—pretty much any time day or night, and pretty much anywhere in the world—I can get a Snickers bar. It’s that simple. Alas, the same cannot be said for the cookies and kreem ice cream at Kreem. When I made…
10 May 2018
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What: The pizza Italia Where: Spaghetteria Pasta and Pizza, 611 S. Palm Canyon Drive, No. 13, Palm Springs How much: $20.95 for a medium, as shown Contact: 760-322-7647; Why: A bevy of tasty ingredients. I was in the mood for pizza. It had been a long work day—including a meeting with a friend/colleague who had extolled the virtues of the thin-crust pizza at Spaghetteria, the longtime family-owned restaurant in Palm Springs. Therefore, I put two (my hankering for pizza) and two (my friend’s recommendation) together, and called up Spaghetteria for a to-go order. Spaghetteria offers a variety of reasonably…