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The Indy Endorsement

11 Jan 2013
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What: The Steve Special sushi roll, enjoyed as part of all-you-can-eat sushi Where: Edokko Sushi, 69195 Ramon Road, Cathedral City How much: $19.95 lunch, $23.99 dinner Contact info: 328-7770; Why: Because you're hungry, and you looooove tasty sushi rolls Look, Edokko Sushi ain't Nobu: You are not going to get fresh-off-the-boat toro here. Of course, you're not going to be shelling out $35 for a tiny portion of fish, either. Instead, you are going to get a decent-enough selection of 30 or so rolls, 16 or so sushi options, and some appetizers (miso soup, gyoza, etc.), as much as…
08 Dec 2012
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What: Yum nua (Thai beef salad) Where: Thai Kitchen, 67555 E Palm Canyon Drive, No. A105, Cathedral City How much: $9.95 Contact info: 321-8424 Why: Because it provides a nice combination of flavors, textures and temperatures—with just the right amount of kick! I've been pretty narrow-minded about Thai food in the past; pad Thai and fried rice have been my normal go-to dishes when dining at Thai restaurants. Recently, I've been trying to manage my weight and make better choices about what I eat—and I figured that Thai restaurants would be off my list entirely. However, my best friend suggested…
09 Nov 2012
What: Gypsy veal schnitzel Where: Johannes Restaurant, 196 S. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $25 Contact info: 778-0017; Why: Because of the variety and intensity of flavor. Johannes, located just a wee bit off the beaten path in downtown Palm Springs, offers a variety of Continental cuisine, especially Austrian/Viennese favorites—and while the restaurant celebrates its 13th anniversary, included is an entire menu of schnitzels (mostly made with veal, of course, but some made with organic chicken). While the schnitzels offer a variety of ingredients and, therefore, flavors, the gypsy is the one that has the most flavor.…
01 Nov 2012
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What: The fish tacos (Baja fried or grilled) Where: Shanghai Reds, inside of Fisherman's Market and Grill, 235 S. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $3.95, or $2.95 during late-night happy hour (8 p.m. to close) Contact info: 322-9293; Why: Because of the tortilla. Trust us. These tacos aren't exactly a secret around these parts--they're perennial honorees in the Desert Magazine Best of the Valley competition (not that you should necessarily value such honors all that much)--but we're surprised at how many valley residents don't know about the delights at Shanghai Reds, the bar/casual area tucked behind Fisherman's…

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