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The Indy Endorsement

28 Jun 2013
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What: The Gyros Plate Where: Nina’s Traditional Greek Cuisine and Pizzeria, 555 S. Sunrise Way, Palm Springs How much: $10 Contact: 760-323-8552; Why: The mixture of crunch and moist and creamy I just finished the gyros plate I got for lunch at Nina’s Traditional Greek Cuisine and Pizzeria. Two words describe how I am feeling right now. Full. And—foremost—happy. I am full, because the food on said plate is not a small portion. There are four smallish slices of pita bread, two large Kalamata olives, a fairly generous amount of marinated red onions, slices of tomato, a cup of…
20 Jun 2013
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What: The picnic eggs Where: Bar, 340 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $6 Contact: 760-537-7337; Why: A deliciously spicy twist on an American classic. Question: Is there anything more all-American than the deviled egg? Answer: Well … yeah, there is: mom, baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Vin Scully, for starters. Still, deviled eggs are pretty gosh-darned American—they’ve been a picnic and party staple for years, after all. And at downtown Palm Springs’ Bar, one can enjoy this all-American classic—with a distinctly Asian twist. The menu says it all: Picnic eggs. Eggs siracha wasabi. Yeah, they…
17 Jun 2013
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What: The shaved spit-roast organic pork Where: Figue Mediterranean, 47474 Washington St., La Quinta How much: $29 Contact: 760-698-9040; Why: Savory + sweet + pork skin = OMG Can we talk about pig skin for a moment? No, I am not referring to football here. I am talking about cracklins, or chicharrones, whatever you want to call this most delicious of foods. It’s chewy. It’s salty. It’ll send your cardiologist into a snit. And it’s one of the factors that make the shaved spit-roast organic pork at Figue Mediterranean worth the $29 price tag. While chicharrones could make almost…
31 May 2013
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What: The Tuesday-night spaghetti with meat sauce Where: Bongo Johnny’s Patio Bar and Grille, 214 E. Arenas Road, Palm Springs How much: $6.95 Contact: 760-866-1905; Why: It’s delicious, bottomless and amazingly inexpensive. The website announces: “Bongo Johnny's is one of the best neighborhood restaurants in Palms Springs.” The strange “Palms Springs” reference aside, I agree with that assessment—especially on Tuesdays, when this Arenas Road, gay-friendly restaurant offers its “Italian Night” special. For $6.95, one can get all the spaghetti with meat sauce that one can snork down, as well as either soup or salad. (If one wants to add…
16 May 2013
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What: The Hot Mess Where: The Sandwich Spot, 240 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $8.99 Contact: 778-7900; Why: The wheat bread puts it over the top. “So, what’s the best sandwich here?” I asked the friendly gentleman behind the counter. He started pointing out different menu items. Then he added: “Well, there’s also our secret menu …” Alrightie then. Tell me more about that. He mentioned a sandwich called “the Hot Mess.” His description to me hewed pretty closely to the description in a post on the Sandwich Spot’s Facebook page, which reads: “A former employee…
02 May 2013
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What: The salsa (with chips, of course) Where: Rincon Norteño, 83011 Indio Blvd., Indio How much: Free with your meal Contact: 760-347-4754; Why: Because it’s hot—and we ain’t talking about the spice. It’s a Tuesday afternoon, well past my usual lunch time. Due to various meetings in Indio, I have not yet had a chance to eat, and I am freaking hungry. I wander in to Rincon Norteño, and for some reason, the waitress who seats me thinks I am ordering to-go. When she comes to take my order, and I tell her that I am actually dining at…
25 Apr 2013
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What: The Bavarian meatloaf dip Where: Pinocchio in the Desert, 134 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs How much: $9.95 Contact: 760-322-3776; Why: Because it’s different. Pinocchio in the Desert is one of the valley’s most popular breakfast/brunch/lunch joints for many reasons, not the least of which is, frankly, the booze: Bottomless champagne for $3.95? Well drinks and martinis for $2.50? Before mid-afternoon?! Hell yeah. Hey, the food’s pretty good, too. Among the standard-ish omelets and benedicts and sandwiches, you’ll find some creative, different gems, and we encourage you to find one in particular: the Bavarian meatloaf dip. This…
16 Apr 2013
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What: The bacon, tomato, fontina and basil panino Where: Clementine Gourmet Marketplace and Café, 72990 El Paseo, Palm Desert How much: $10 Contact info: 760-834-8814; Why: The pickles brighten things up nicely. For the first couple of bites, it was simply a sandwich—a tasty sandwich made with great ingredients, yes, but still just a sandwich—that was pricey and on the small side. And what was on the plate alongside said sandwich, frankly, wasn’t looking too great. The potato chips were unremarkable, and the vegetables, as you can see above, looked … well, past their prime, to say the least.…
03 Apr 2013
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What: The Black Cherry Manhattan Where: Jake’s Palm Springs, 664 N. Palm Canyon Drive How much: $14 Contact info: 327-4400; Why: It’s really freaking yummy. Let’s start off with the negative stuff: The Black Cherry Manhattan is overpriced. There’s no good reason for a drink to cost $14 when one can get a 750-milliliter bottle of the starring liquor for less than $20. Period. OK, maybe there’s one reason: The Black Cherry Manhattan is delicious. The aforementioned starring liquor is Jim Beam Red Stag, a black-cherry flavored bourbon. Now, before all you bourbon purists out there start freaking out…
11 Mar 2013
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What: The farro calamari salad Where: Workshop Kitchen + Bar, 800 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $13 Contact info: 459-3451; Why: The variety of textures and flavors. There are a lot of attention-grabbing items on Workshop Kitchen + Bar’s winter menu. A scallops dish with squid-ink risotto. Wood-charred Brussels sprouts. (An aside: Did Brussels sprouts become ubiquitous overnight, or what?) And the star of the show, the 30-ounce grass-fed rib eye, which is prepared sous vide before being grilled. (We endorse this steak, too, by the way, as long as there are at least four people…