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14 Jul 2016
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What: The Wok-Fried Noodles With Chicken Where: Watercress Vietnamese Bistro, 415 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $11 as a lunch special; $14 as a dinner entrée Contact: 760-832-9927; (site currently only mentions Redlands location) Why: It’s fresh and tasty. Regular readers of these Indy Endorsements know that I am not all that impressed with the Asian food on offer here in the Coachella Valley. Yes, there are some great Thai restaurants. But as for good Chinese food … it’s veeeery hard to find here in the desert. A couple of years ago, the same thing could…
06 Jul 2016
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What: The No Name 2, as Part of All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Where: No Da Te, 73655 El Paseo, Palm Desert How much: $35 during our visit; $9 for just the roll Contact: 760-340-3698 Why: Sometimes it’s good to splurge … responsibly. On a recent visit to San Francisco, we decided to try an adorable little Japantown sushi restaurant. Its shtick: All of the customers sat around a little moat that had miniature boats with sushi on them constantly floating by. You could grab whatever you wanted; you knew the cost based on the type and color of the dish. It was…
20 Jun 2016
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What: The Happy Hour Mussels/Clams Steamer Combo in White Wine Broth Where: Trilussa Ristorante, 68718 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Cathedral City How much: $10 Contact: 760-328-2300; Why: It’s all about the broth. When I ordered from the bartender while sitting at the bar at Trilussa, I said: “I’d like the mussels and clams combo steamers in the white-wine broth, please.” However, if I were being completely honest and accurate, I would have said: “I’d like the white-wine broth, and a whole bunch of bread so I can sop it all up, please. You can bring mussels and clams, too,…
07 Jun 2016
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What: The Chile Relleno de Camaron Where: Felipe’s Fine Mexican Food, 400 S. El Cielo Road, Palm Springs How much: $13.50 Contact: 760-318-9277 Why: It’s creamy, spicy deliciousness. I do not care for Yelp. The quality of reviews is suspect, and many businesses accuse the website of what amounts to extortion: Yelp’s advertisers get preferential treatment when it comes to highlighting good reviews, and burying the bad ones, according to several lawsuits (which Yelp has disputed). Blech. Still, Yelp has its useful qualities. I disregard the negative reviews (you never know what motives the reviewers have) but use the positive…
20 May 2016
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What: The biscuits and gravy Where: Sunshine Café, 36815 Cathedral Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $6.35; $3.85 half-order (pictured) Contact: 760-328-1415; Why: OMG it’s yummy! The website brags: “Sunshine Cafè is frequented by celebrities, politicians, word-of-mouth visitors from around the world and mostly our wonderful locals.” If one is uninitiated, that boasting may seem a little, well, crazy when you drive up to this slightly weather-beaten dinner that sits across the street from a dive gay bar on the industrial outskirts of what city leaders euphemistically call “downtown Cathedral City.” But once you walk in and experience the…
18 May 2016
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What: The Grape Nut Ice Cream Where: Ice Cream and Shop(pe), 1551 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite A How much: $3.50 single scoop (pictured); $5.50 double Contact: 760-507-4005; Why: Both the flavor and the texture are delightfully unique. On the Palm Canyon Drive side of Arrive, THE new hip place to see and be seen in Palm Springs, is an ice cream shop, appropriately named (if oddly punctuated) Ice Cream and Shop(pe). However, this is no ordinary ice cream shop(pe). Here, you’ll pay a little more for your ice cream—but in exchange, you’ll get scooped-up goodness in a rotation…
19 Apr 2016
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What: Black Pepper Pok Pok Som Drinking Vinegar Where: Dead or Alive, 150 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $4 Contact: 760-864-7193; Why: It’s an equally attractive nonalcoholic beverage. Back when I was in college, the university had a policy: Any group that threw a party on campus that included alcohol also had to offer EANABs—equally attractive non-alcoholic beverages—for attendees who were eschewing booze, for whatever reason. However, this policy was a joke: The EANABs at parties were almost always terrible—a couple cans of Diet Coke, perhaps, or maybe a half-flat two-liter bottle of Sprite off in…
14 Apr 2016
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What: The Chicken and Waffle on a Stick Where: Frankinbun, 540 S. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $9.95 Contact: 760-318-4841; Why: It’s a tasty and unique take on a classic. Sausage. Is it possible for a non-vegetarian to not like at least some forms of ground, seasoned meat? I dare say: It is not. Or at least, in a logical world, it shouldn’t be possible. These musings bring us to our recent visit to Frankinbun, a new Palm Springs restaurant that focuses on sausage—specifically, sausage in tubular form, presented in a wide variety of ways. Frankinbun has…
23 Mar 2016
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What: The Sesame Chicken Where: New Fortune Asian Cuisine, 67555 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Cathedral City How much: $14.95 Contact: 760-770-2988 Why: It tastes like the Chinese food you’d get in SF or LA. We usually keep things pretty positive here on the Indy Endorsement page—but before we return you to your regularly scheduled nice-things-to-say, we feel the need to snivel just a bit. Man, does the Chinese food in this valley suck. I know there’s a void here, because every time I head for San Francisco or Los Angeles, one of my first stops for lunch or dinner is…
04 Mar 2016
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What: The Tacos Al Pastor Where: Jalisco Restaurant, 1605 Sixth St., Coachella How much: $1.55; three-taco combo plate $7.25 Contact: (760) 398-7113 Why: It’s simply a perfect taco. Being a West Valley resident, I don’t get a lot of chances to dine in Coachella. However, a recent business meeting afforded me the chance to have lunch in downtown Coachella—and considering the tacos I had at Jalisco Restaurant, I am now bemoaning my lack of East Valley dining opportunities. I knew I wanted tacos, but wasn’t sure which tacos to try, so I got the three-taco combo plate—a steal at just…