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27 Feb 2015
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What: The Sour Where: Bar, 340 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $10 Contact: 760-537-7337; Why: It’s one of the best cocktails in the valley. I am convinced that Bar (if you’re unfamiliar, yes, that’s the name of the place in its entirety) remains underrated, even though the bar/restaurant/music venue has, in fact, received a fair amount of acclaim—including nabbing top honors in the Best Cocktail category of our inaugural Best of Coachella Valley readers’ poll. You know what? Our readers are pretty gosh-darned smart. Not only does Bar have one of the valley’s best cocktail menus;…
20 Feb 2015
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What: The Black Spaghetti and Clams Where: Catalan Mediterranean Cuisine, 70026 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage How Much: $25 Contact: 760-770-9508; Why: It tastes great—and looks amazing. New Orleans is one of the best food cities I’ve ever visited. We were last there in 2011, and it seemed like every meal we enjoyed (well, make that every meal we had when we escaped from the tourist trap that is Bourbon Street) was simply fantastic. One of the best meals we had—OK, two of the best meals we had, because we simply had to go back a second time—was at Domenica,…
23 Jan 2015
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What: The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Where: Delicatesse, 117 La Plaza, Palm Springs How much: $7.95 Contact: 760-300-3601; Why: It’s spicy, fresh and delicious. My, how time flies. I’ve been intrigued by Delicatesse, located in downtown Palm Springs’ La Plaza, ever since it opened. I looove good deli, yet I had never managed to stop in to try Delicatesse’s “Euro deli delights”; either I was walking by when it was closed at night, or I was zooming by on my way somewhere else during the day. I figured this neglect had been going on for several months now, maybe even…
08 Jan 2015
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What: The Torinise Sandwich Where: The Real Italian Deli, 100 S. Sunrise Way, Suite B, Palm Springs; also at 44795 San Pablo Avenue, No. 1, Palm Desert How much: $7.99 Contact: 760-325-3800 (Palm Springs); 760-836-1493 (Palm Desert); Why: The yummy ingredients—especially the bread. The Real Italian Deli opened in Palm Desert in late 2013 to nearly universal acclaim. However, your humble scribe just so happens to live in downtown Palm Springs, meaning that my dining opportunities in Palm Desert are relatively few and far between. As a result, I hadn’t yet sampled the goodies there. That’s why I was…
19 Dec 2014
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What: The Pad Thai Where: Bangkok Noodles, 35911 Date Palm Drive, Cathedral City How much: $9.95 to $11.25, depending on the protein; also available as a lunch special Contact: 760-324-3533; Why: Tasty Thai all around. While nobody was paying attention, Cathedral City somehow became a hot spot for Thai food in the Coachella Valley. OK, maybe “hot spot” is a bit of an overstatement; two great restaurants doth not a hotspot make. But the li’l town smooshed between Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage is the home of two of the valley’s better Thai joints, thanks to the fantastic Thai…
12 Dec 2014
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What: The Chili Dog Where: Teriyaki Yogi, 1775 E. Palm Canyon Drive, No. 210 How much: $5.19 Contact: 760-323-1162 Why: Simply put, it’s a damn good chili dog. A friend recently mentioned that he’d just eaten one of the best chili dogs he’d ever had. “Where did you get this amazing chili dog?” I asked. His reply: Teriyaki Yogi. Wait, what? This chili dog could be found at a hole-in-the-wall teriyaki joint?! More specifically, it could be found at a hole-in-the-wall teriyaki joint I had literally driven by hundreds of times, without ever giving it a second thought? Yes. That’s…
21 Nov 2014
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What: Barbacoa (pork and beef stew) Where: La Perlita Mexican Food, 901 Crossley Road, Palm Springs How much: $11.95 Contact: 760-778-8014 Why: It’s some of the best Mexican food in the valley. You really have to be looking for La Perlita Mexican Food to find it. The joint is stuck at the end of a strip mall on Crossley Road between Ramon Road and Dinah Shore Drive. The strip mall is sort of behind the big ol’ Walmart, but, really, it’s surrounded by … nothingness. Your view from the large windows: sand and brush, a fact the owner joked with…
14 Nov 2014
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What: The Beef Stroganoff Where: Miro’s, 1555 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $28 Contact: 760-323-5199; Why: Perfection in proportions. Beef stroganoff is, on paper, a simple dish. You have your beef and maybe mushrooms; you have your pasta; you have your sauce. Mix together. The end. Ah, but if you want that beef stroganoff to be good, it’s not so simple, is it? For example: How’s the pasta quality? How is that pasta prepared? The same goes for the beef; we’ve all choked down bits of meat before that were closer in texture to leather than…
24 Oct 2014
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What: Seafood Thursday Dinner at the Potrero Canyon Buffet Where: Morongo Casino Resort and Spa, 49500 Seminole Drive, Cabazon How much: $22.95 with a players’ club card Contact: 800-252-4499; Why: You can pig out on crab or dessert or shrimp or whatever else. I grew up in Nevada, a fact I’ve noted in this space before. The more time I’ve spent away from Nevada, the more I’ve become convinced that growing up in a state where casinos are everywhere makes you … well, just a little different. For example, take buffets—specifically, casino buffets. Some non-Nevadans tend to be a…
13 Oct 2014
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What: The Grilled Miso Cod Set Where: Gyoro Gyoro Izakaya Japonaise, 105 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $17.95 Contact: 760-325-3005; Why: The price is right—and the fish is splendid. Several of the best meals I’ve ever enjoyed have been at Nobu, the extremely high-end Japanese restaurant chain owned by Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa. Nobu’s house specialty is black cod in miso, a stunningly delicious piece of fish that is at once sweet, savory and velvety. It’s often included in the omakase tasting menus at Nobu ($100 to $200 at the Los Angeles Nobu)—or if you want to…