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06 Oct 2015
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Gardens and Villa has struggled to maintain its avant-garde approach to making music while falling in line with the indie-music scene ever since the group was founded in Santa Barbara back in 2008. Catch the Coachella veterans at Pappy and Harriet’s this Saturday, Oct. 10. Chris Lynch and Adam Rasmussen are the heart of Gardens and Villa; before becoming Gardens and Villa, they played as part of a punk band. During a recent phone interview, Rasmussen discussed how far back he and Lynch go. “It’s been about 10 years,” Rasmussen said. “We met in a class where we were studying Western music together. I kind of knew that we were going to be friends and that we had a lot of the same interests as far as musical upbringings and music of the past that we really liked a lot.” In 2011, Gardens and Villa released its self-titled debut album,…
05 Oct 2015
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On Friday and Saturday, Oct. 16 and 17, Schmidy’s Tavern will host the Eighth Annual Concert for Autism—a benefit that is very near and dear to my heart. The event is spearheaded by Josh Heinz, a musician rooted in the desert-rock community, and the parent of an autistic child. Each year, the best of the best in desert rock, punk, metal and pop come together to support the cause—and put on one hell of a show! This year’s headliners include The Pedestrians, featuring vocalist Mike Lewis, percussionist Rob Peterson, drummer Tim McMullen, bassist Armando Flores, trumpet-player Cesar Hernandez, trombonist Morgan Finch and Latin-rock guitarist David Macias. This group is where punk rock meets rap, and two generations of desert-rock icons come together in one epic local band that brings down the house. Peterson and Flores will also debut Sun(D)rug, a new hard-rock project featuring guitar wizard Bobby Nichols; and Macias’…
02 Oct 2015
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Nona Hendryx has had a prolific music career dating back to 1961, as both a successful solo artist and a member of the popular Labelle trio. She’s heading to Palm Springs to headline the Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival, taking place Friday, Oct. 9, through Sunday, Oct. 11. Before Patti Labelle went on to a solo career, she was part of Labelle with Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash. They toured with The Rolling Stones and The Who before breaking up in 1976 (with occasional reunions over the years). During a recent phone interview, Hendryx said all three members of Labelle shared duties and were equals as singers and songwriters. “When we split up, people focused more on Patti and her career,” Hendryx said. “When we began in the early ’60s, groups were just groups, and you weren’t considered a lead singer or backup singer; you were a group. When we…
30 Sep 2015
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October is finally here, and that means the valley is starting to churn back to life after its summer slumber. With help from the Independent and Chill Bar, I will once again be throwing a concert series to benefit the Community Food Bank at the LGBT Center of the Desert. The Oktoberfest Concert Series Benefiting the Community Food Bank at the Center will take place every Thursday in October at 9:30 p.m. On Thursday, Oct. 1, Palm Desert band The Flusters will performing a modern take on vintage rock ’n’ roll and ’60s surf rock. On Thursday, Oct. 8, EeVaan Tre and the Show will be bringing its fantastic R&B and hip-hop sound back to Chill. On Thursday, Oct. 15, the high desert’s Gene Evaro and the Family will take the stage. On Thursday, Oct. 22, Tribesmen will play with special guest Venus and the Traps. On Thursday, Oct. 29,…
21 Sep 2015
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The sound of Shannon and the Clams is a throwback to the ‘50s; you’ll hear elements of doo-wop and old-school rock ’n’ roll—as well as a classic R&B sound, surf rock and a girl-group vibe. The group just released its fourth album, Gone By the Dawn. They’ll perform at Pappy and Harriet’s this Thursday, Sept. 24. Critics have given Shannon and the Clams high ratings for their albums. gave a glowing review, stating, “(The) sound of a prom band in 1964 getting dosed with acid and having the sweetest lovelorn freak out. Imagine a brawling Etta James, backed up by the 13th Floor Elevators singing Shangri La’s tunes.” During a phone interview with guitarist and vocalist Cody Blanchard, he said the band was primarily bassist/vocalist Shannon Shaw’s idea when it started in Oakland, Calif., back in 2007. “That was all Shannon in the early days,” Blanchard said. “She used…
09 Oct 2015
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It’s been a long, hard road for D.R.I., but the band—known as a “thrash metal” band, although the group has the respect of punk-rock contemporaries—is still doing its thing some 33 years after its formation. D.R.I.—that’s an abbreviation for Dirty Rotten Imbeciles—will be performing at The Hood Bar and Pizza on Friday, Oct. 30. D.R.I. formed in 1982 in Houston. Spike Cassidy (guitar) and Kurt Brecht (vocals) are the only remaining original members. It’s been said the band’s name came from Brecht’s father, who hated listening to the band practice in the family home. In fact, Brecht’s father—interrupting the band’s practice—can be heard on the “Madman” track. “We never saw ourselves making a living doing this,” Brecht said during a recent phone interview. “But we wanted to, and we thought about it—but it’s hard being that young and thinking that far in advance. We wanted to do what we saw…
18 Sep 2015
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During the ‘90s, Americans became transfixed with Seattle’s music scene, as “grunge” took America by storm and introduced Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden to the world. Mudhoney, too, is a Seattle band that was around during the grunge era—and although the group never made it big itself, it’s been a huge an influence to countless bands. See the group perform at Pappy and Harriet’s on Friday, Oct. 23. During a recent phone interview from Seattle, guitarist Steve Turner discussed what has kept Mudhoney going all these years. “There are a few different answers,” Turner said. “I think the main one is that we still like each other and the music. … We take it seriously, but we have other things in our lives going on that are just as serious. We have families and jobs, and we make it work when we can. Even when one of us would take…
17 Sep 2015
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Terry Reid has stories … lots of them. It’s well-known that Reid almost became a member of Led Zeppelin during its formation, and the session player has remained active throughout the years. He’ll be playing at the Purple Room in Palm Springs on Saturday, Sept. 19, and Friday, Oct. 9, with Nigel Dettelbach and Nigel Carnahan of Slipping Into Darkness. During a recent interview, Reid, aka Superlungs, explained how he ended up in the Coachella Valley. “About 25 years ago, I knew people who lived here, and I used to come to town and stay at the La Quinta Resort,” Reid said. “After the first time I went to the La Quinta Resort, I went, ‘Oh, this is unbelievable!’ It was so beautiful and peaceful out there. I started coming here all the time during the weekends. I was living in Santa Barbara, and it was a bit of a…