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15 Sep 2015
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When Sonny McEachran decided to move up north, that meant the end of popular local band Boycott Radio. However, Chris Long and Dan Dillinger pressed on—and soon, with the addition of Troy Whitford, the Sweat Act was born. During an interview one afternoon not too long ago at The Hood Bar and Pizza, Long and Dillinger discussed how they met. “My dad knew that I was playing music with Sonny McEachran in Boycott Radio, and he knew that I was heavily looking for a bass player,” Long said. “My dad finds this post on Craigslist that said, ‘Looking for a punk rock band.’ My dad said, ‘He’s a bass player; you should hit him up.’ I was like, ‘Dad, whatever. I’m not looking on Craigslist, and that’s kind of weird. Why are you on Craigslist, Dad? You have Mom at home; get off Craigslist!’” Nonetheless, Long contacted Dillinger. “He hit…
11 Sep 2015
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The name Black Pussy has gotten the group in question in a lot of trouble. However, when the band takes the stage, it’s all about good times and rock ’n’ roll. The group is returning to the desert for a performance at Bar in Palm Springs on Friday, Sept. 18. Hailing from Portland, Ore., Black Pussy is one of the hardest-working bands in America. The psychedelic rock sound the group has labeled “stoner pop” is mighty and loud. During a recent phone interview, Dustin Hill talked about the origins of Black Pussy. “I was in another band I’m still in called White Orange, and that was a very huge sound,” said Hill, the band’s vocalist/guitarist. “When I was starting Black Pussy, I recorded the first record by myself, but as I got the guys together, I thought, ‘I want to keep it mellow.’” However, the band did not stay “mellow.”…
10 Sep 2015
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The Go-Go’s are considered by many to be one of the best all-female bands of all time. Meanwhile, Belinda Carlisle—The Go-Go’s lead singer—has had a wildly successful career on her own. She’ll be performing at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino on Saturday, Sept. 12. Before Carlisle and The Go-Go’s were riding the charts, she played the drums, using the moniker “Dottie Danger” in the Los Angeles punk band The Germs. During a recent phone interview, Carlisle laughed when I brought up the subject of The Germs. She said she’s proud of her brief time with the band in 1977. “I was really fortunate to be part of a movement that comes around every so often,” Carlisle said. “… I met Darby (Crash) and Pat (Smear) before the punk scene. I was actually the drummer who never played. I had mono, and I had to go back home to my mom and…
04 Sep 2015
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Even though Tucson band Burning Palms is relatively new, the group has been finding indie success in many communities—including the Coachella Valley. The group is returning to the valley for a show at The Hood Bar and Pizza on Friday, Sept. 11. Burning Palms has a garage rock/psychedelic rock sound, and many of the band’s songs have Wiccan/Pagan references. During a recent interview at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, where the band played a late-August show, Julia Deconcini talked about how Burning Palms got started. “It originally started as a bedroom project of Simone’s while she was in Australia,” Deconcini said about bandmate Simone Stopford. “We joined forces about two years ago in Tucson, and I was playing in another band at the time. She came to my very last show with that band, and right as we played our last song, and I was stepping off the stage,…
07 Sep 2015
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Lou Barlow is best known as the bassist of Dinosaur Jr.—but his solo work is gaining more attention. He’ll be playing solo at the Desert Stars Festival at Pappy and Harriet’s on Friday, Sept. 25, following up on the Sept. 4 release of his new solo album, Brace the Wave. “I recorded it in six days,” Barlow said about the new album during a recent telephone interview. “… My life is moving along, and it’s sort of a reflection of what’s going on.” Barlow was fired from Dinosaur Jr. in the late 1980s, but returned in 2005 when frontman J Mascis reunited the band. During those intervening years, Barlow remained busy with Sebadoh and the Folk Implosion. Before Dinosaur Jr. formed, both Mascis and Barlow were part of a group called Deep Wound. “It was a hardcore punk band, and we just naturally got a bit older, and our tastes…
31 Aug 2015
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September will hopefully bring cooler temperatures—and, this year, the month is predicted to bring El Nino. Hmm. Well, regardless of the weather, there are some great events going on. After an epic August, Fantasy Springs Resort Casino has a hot September, too. At 8 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 6, get ready for Sammy Hagar and the Circle. The group features not only Sammy Hagar, but Michael Anthony (also ex-Van Halen), Jason Bonham and Vic Johnson. Tickets are $49 to $109. At 8 p.m., Friday, Sept. 11, the rescheduled performance by Little Big Town will take place. The show was originally slated for July, but member Jimi Westbrook needed emergency vocal-cord surgery. Tickets are $49 to $109. At 8 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 12, Go-Go’s frontwoman Belinda Carlisle will take the stage. Carlisle has had a great solo career outside of the Go-Go’s. Tickets are $29 to $59. At 8 p.m., Saturday, Sept.…
19 Aug 2015
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The Jackson 5 caught the attention of America and during the ’70s and the early ’80s—and there was no group even remotely similar. That is, there was no group even remotely similar until New Edition popped up in Boston in 1982. The group will be appearing at Fantasy Springs this Friday, Aug. 21. New Edition was one of the first “boy bands,” and paved the way for groups such as Boyz II Men, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. The original lineup was Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant and Ronnie DeVoe. Of course, the band and its members have been through rough times. Bobby Brown was dismissed from the group in 1985 due to behavior issues, and the band broke up in 1990. The group made a thwarted comeback attempt in 1996-1997; in 2002, the band again reunited, only to have issues with Bad…
10 Aug 2015
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The Classy Motherfu?kers of Desert Hot Springs are becoming known for more than the profane name: Frontman Joseph Vaughan plays a mean guitar—and the rest of the band is pretty damn good, too. During a recent interview, Vaughan—along with Jasyn Smith (drums) and new member Tanner Mahaffey (rhythm guitar)—discussed the band’s origins. “About four or five years ago, Jasyn and I started playing together,” Vaughan said. “We made our demo in August of last year, and that’s when we started to call ourselves the Classy Motherfu?ckers. We weren’t really a band until last year.” The members’ influences are all across the board. “I listen to classic rock—’50s ’60s and ’70s music,” Vaughan said. Smith, however, said he listens to Motorhead and Black Sabbath. “I was listening to a lot of thrash metal and stuff, but when I met Joe, his classic-rock stuff started growing on me. Our influences only influence…