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The Lucky 13

19 May 2017
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FISSURE is a well-known Southern California hard-core “powerviolence” band currently based out of Los Angeles and Orange County—although two of the band's members, Dylan Arseo (drums) and Brendan Duff (bass), are Coachella Valley natives. Arseo is well-known for shows at his mother's house in Cathedral City, which has been named “The Cathedral of Hardcore.” For more information on FISSURE, visit Full disclosure: Brendan Duff is a friend of mine; I met him more than…
10 May 2017
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Local metal band In the Name of the Dead had a brief hiatus after front man Tetsuo Olivarez went under the knife for back surgery—but the band has recently risen from the dead (pun sort of intended) for a couple of recent gigs at Bart Lounge. For more information, visit Bassist Robert “‘Woody’” Wood recently answered the Lucky 13; here are his answers. What was the first concert you attended? 311 and the Phunk…
28 Apr 2017
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The members of the BrosQuitos have spent the past few years working on their music and performance skills—and all that hard work is paying off: The band will be releasing its first full length album, Vinyl Image, at an album-release party at the Indio Performing Arts Center at 6 p.m., Saturday, May 13. For more information, visit the BrosQuitos’ Facebook page. The BrosQuitos’ bassist, Max Powell, was kind enough to answer the Lucky 13; here…
17 Apr 2017
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John Robbins has been around the local music scene for quite a while—and one of his many talents is his expert playing of the ukulele. He can perform classical pieces on the instrument, as well as a cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and even songs like AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.” Despite being visually impaired, he’s also a visual artist; his work can be seen at John was kind enough to answer the Lucky 13;…
28 Mar 2017
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The After Lashes are a new all-female garage-punk band with Esther Sanchez (lead vocals), Sepultura Moon (bass), Jen Corradi (guitar) and Death Valley Ali (drums). The After Lashes play kickass covers and originals. For more information, visit Death Valley Ali (Ali Saenz), was kind enough to answer the Lucky 13; here are her answers. What was the first concert you attended? This one is a little fuzzy. My parents are total music-lovers, and they,…
21 Mar 2017
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Kate London is a local artist on the rise. After performances at The Date Shed, The Hood Bar and Pizza and Bart Lounge, and winning second place at the CV Open Mic Competition, she just released a new single, “Love Me Right.” For more information on Kate London, visit her Facebook page at Kate was kind enough to recently answer the Lucky 13; here are her answers. What was the first concert you attended?…
17 Feb 2017
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Shurp Town Records is both a local music label and a new-and-used record-seller, thanks to the Shurp Town Record Swaps at various events throughout the Coachella Valley. The founder of Shurp Town Records, Ryan “Red” Everling, was recently named the music director of the Desert Hot Springs radio station KDHS. For more information on Shurp Town Records, visit Ryan was kind enough to answer The Lucky 13; here are his answers. What was the…
13 Feb 2017
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The Hood Bar and Pizza, arguably the valley’s top local-music venue, has some talented people behind the bar—and beyond, including bar-back Elexia Volz. Volz is always walking around with a smile, offering people drink refills, delivering food and making sure all guests are well taken care of. Elexia was kind enough to recently answer The Lucky 13. What was the first concert you attended? Thrice! It was at Coachella. It was stupid-early in the day,…