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25 May 2013
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On six evenings—from Friday, May 24, through Wednesday, May 29, including all of the Memorial Day weekend—three bright planets will form a “trio,” fitting into a 5-degree field of view, low in the west-northwest sky at dusk. Ordinary binoculars, with magnifications of 7- to 10-power, will take in all three planets—Venus, Mercury and Jupiter—simultaneously. Due to the differences in the speeds of the planets in their orbits around the sun, the arrangement of the planets will change from one night to the next. Illustrations of the nightly arrangements of the planets appear on the Abrams Planetarium Sky Calendar, available online at Saturn will also be visible, well up in the southeastern sky on the dates of the trio, May 24-29. A telescope will easily show Saturn’s rings. On Friday, May 24, the first evening of the trio, Venus is within 4 degrees (to the lower right) of Jupiter, while…

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