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Confusion reigns. You say "ask a Mexican," but are you talking about an American citizen who is of Mexican extraction or a Mexican citizen visiting from that country, or an illegal border crosser? I don’t want to rattle the cage and wake the inmates, but there is a difference between the above three classes. The first is a person either born here or naturalized a citizen and who either comes from or whose parents came from the country of Mexico. The second is self-explanatory, as is the third. So which one are you referring to, pendejo? You’re as bad as MSNBC when they talk about immigration and label as “immigrants” all those cabrones coming across the border desperately trying to evade the Border Patrol. You wanna know who’s an immigrant? I am, cholo! My family waited seven years to come to the US, we didn’t just pay a coyote to smuggle us in. I came to this country at the age of six speaking only Spanish, ese, from El Salvador, so don’t you call me a nativist or xenophobe. That won’t work with me. I became a citizen, served in Vietnam in 1968, I’ve paid my dues, so don’t tell ME I don’t have the right to insist we stop illegal immigration – from everywhere, not just Mexico! How you like them apples, Mexicano? As to being “whiny Trumpbros,” you tell me what you call someone who knowingly breaks the law and then cries about it when they get caught. Ai, pobrecitos!