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Dear Mexican

Based on the facts of my birth certificate and my skin color, i am a gabacha. Plain and simple. But i grew up with Mexicans and i lived in a Mexican family for many years. i adapted to their culture and i learned their language. This has played a big role in my life. I’m basically like the guy JD from the movie American Me pero soy una mujer. When i got older, some of the older homeboys jumped me into their gang. The clothing that we wear pretty much resembles that of your typical cholo. My question is, with all the cultural appropriation going on these days, does this mean that i am appropriating chicano culture? or since i’ve adapted to the culture and i’m now in a gang, is this acceptable? I’m just curious to know because personally i don’t think it is cultural appropriation since this is all i know and this is what i grew up with. But i’m curious to hear your opinion. Gracias for taking the time to read this!