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23 Jan 2014
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On this week's tasty Independent comics page: Jen Sorenson ponders the future of carbon-emissions technology; The K Chronicles deals with a bit of road rage; The City looks at deadly mayhem; and Red Meat enjoys a snack on the beach.

16 Jan 2014
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On this week's dangerous Independent comics page: Red Meat has some elective surgery; The City honors Lou Ferrigno's law-enforcement career; The K Chronicles narrowly avoids a car accident; and Jen Sorenson shows how the U.S. is really a nation of moochers.

09 Jan 2014
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On this week's buoyant Independent comics page: The City celebrates the free market with White Middle Class Suburban Man; Red Meat frolicks with a makeshift Frisbee; Jen Sorenson gets to know potheads; and The K Chronicles invests in a blow-up doll—for reasons that may surprise you.

02 Jan 2014
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On the first Independent comics page of the new year: The K Chronicles heads to a gun-exchange program; Jen Sorenson gets job advice from Rand Paul; Red Meat has potentially psychic dreams; and The City makes some startling predictions for 2014.

26 Dec 2013
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On this week's post-Yuletide Independent comics page: Jen Sorenson analyzes the trend of snack gentrification; The K Chronicles tackles the problem of non-white Santas; The City visits a gun show; and Red Meat celebrates the end of Christmas in an explosive way.