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20 Feb 2014
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On this week's dignified Independent comics page: Jen Sorenson examines the hard work done by the 1 percent; The K Chronciles offers a lesson regarding what constitutes a gang sign; The City does some parenting at the gas station; and Red Meat has a popcorn mishap.

13 Feb 2014
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On this week's provocatively fashionable Independent comics page: Red Meat develops an inhibiting rash; The City celebrates a uniquely American Valentine's Day; The K Chronicles giggles at the NFL's nonprofit status; and Jen Sorenson tackles ObamaCare spin doctors.

06 Feb 2014
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On this week's highly ceremonial Independent comics page: The City celebrates the arrival of the Winter Olympics; Red Meat isn't feeling too well; Jen Sorenson looks at Russian tolerance; and The K Chronicles honors cartoonist Morrie Turner.

30 Jan 2014
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On this week's economic Independent comics page: The K Chronicles drinks in college; Jen Sorenson ponders the plight of the super-rich; Red Meat suffers an existential crisis during a romantic comedy; and The City inherits a fortune.

23 Jan 2014
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On this week's tasty Independent comics page: Jen Sorenson ponders the future of carbon-emissions technology; The K Chronicles deals with a bit of road rage; The City looks at deadly mayhem; and Red Meat enjoys a snack on the beach.