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07 Nov 2013
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On this week's provocative Independent comics page: The K Chronicles gets some TV time; Jen Sorenson analyzes conservative complaints about Obamacare; Red Meat takes care of a cat; and The City looks at what men and women think before and after sex.

31 Oct 2013
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On this week's Independent comics page: Jen Sorenson offers a sermon on the glory of the free market; The K Chronicles examines rising housing costs in San Francisco; The City engages in a discussion about time travel and disease; and Red Meat gets some brain implants.

24 Oct 2013
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On this week's economic Independent comics page: Red Meat holds an emergency staff meeting; The City adopts a highway with an eye toward government surveillance; The K Chronicles wants you to subscribe; and Jen Sorenson examines Obamacare whining.

17 Oct 2013
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On this week's indigestible Independent comics page: The City ponders the rising up of the gun nuts; Red Meat offers sage dining advice; Jen Sorenson examines why there's no compromise in Congress today; and The K Chronicles compares a toddler's tantrum to the GOP's Obamacare fight.

10 Oct 2013
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On this week's extra-girthy Independent comics page: The K Chronicles pays tribute to Breaking Bad's David Ury; Jen Sorenson has suggestions on how to fix the GOP brand; The City analyzes the consequences of the government shutdown; and Red Meat attempts to avoid some large junk.