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How refreshing if you are what you say you are? PS and the whole Coachella Valley is suffering a HUGE opioid crisis! My daughter fought heroine use for 7 years in this valley. We damn near lost her more than once! I stole her phone different times and found dealers - called them out, gave the cops the info and they did NOTHING with it? I have chased them down myself and called them out. They really don’t give 2 shits because it’s not punishable by law enforcement? They do nothing? “Because you can’t lock up all of them”. We can educate all day long... This Valley is rampant with drug use. How are you planning on making this any different? This is a subject is very NEAR & dear to my heart. I am passionate about getting people help who want it, but there are very few. They are addicted; hook, line & sinker. The shit that is coming in now is killing people. They are so deep into their addiction that they really don’t care. People are dying everyday and the dope dealers have no responsibility or accountability for their deaths. There has been a few states that have passed the law that if there is an overdose death; it is investigated and if they are able to trace it back to where it came from and proven the dealer does life in prison for premeditated murder. If something like this were to happen in this Valley it would open many eyes! Then some say; “well, they didn’t know what they were selling?” I say tough shit!! Maybe this would help them give up the “big guys” when their life is on the line. I believe this is were it should start! When my daughter was in her addiction there was a dealer who would bring her an 8 ball of cocaine and a fifth of fireball - he would deliver it TO HER HOUSE! I think this was his way of keeping her hooked. They are not stupid people. I could go on & on.... My daughter had to leave this state to get her sobriety. I thank God everyday! Many of her friends & acquaintances have passed away and some are still out there. So what are your plans for this crisis??